Beautiful Roosterfish

Roosterfish – Cabo’s Most Popular Inshore Trophy Fish

Besides the well-known marlin, one of the most sought after fighting fish located in the Baja is the muscular and athletic Roosterfish. It can be targeted both from shore or by boat. Considered by some as “the Elizabeth Hurley of fishes”, this regal and beautiful fish is one that will definitely be showcased by you once you are able to pose with this beauty after an epic battle. The take is quick, with it’s rooster comb breaking the surface of the water as it attacks your lure/bait close to the surface. Once hooked, this bold and brave fish will attempt, and really may be able, to out muscle you.

DESCRIPTION: Roosterfish are well-known for their fighting ability as well as how amazingly photogenic they are. The seven comb-like dorsal fin is its signature feature, as the two dark blue stripes down its sides are a nice addition to overall style points. As part of the drums family, it has a slanting forehead and a solid, bone-like jaw. Not known for being a tasty fish, catch and release is extremely common (and encouraged), as the rooster makes for great pictures, but not so much as a meal.

ROOSTERFISH FEEDING HABITS: Roosterfish are usually found around rocky outcrops, islands, and just outside the wave line/breaks along the shore. They can be caught with flies, poppers and spinners, although they are most commonly taken on live bait.

Roosterfish is undoubtedly a predatory species, Well-known for chasing bait for long distances at times trying to herd fish towards a reef. Feeding on small fish such as sardines, mullet, and crabs. They usually fished with live bait like Lookdowns, mullet fish or rainbow runners. Roosterfish are also known to hit on flies that are aggressively stripped with quick short pulls, to entice a strike.

SIZE OF ROOSTERFISH: Most Roosterfish in Cabo San Lucas are in the range of 10-35 pounds, yet Roosterfish above 50 pounds are common, and are caught almost every month. A small number above 80 pounds are landed each season – with the world record of 114 pounds caught right here in the waters off of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

BEST MONTHS FOR CATCHING ROOSTERFISH: If you’re looking to come down and do some fishing in Cabo San Lucas with your family or buddies, know that these majestic fish can be caught all year round, but the best months are May – August, with September and October usually being the slowest months. Make sure to check out our fishing report to get an idea of what type action is happening.

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