Bisbee Fishing Tournament Winners

Summer is the Start of Cabo’s Lucrative Sport Fishing Tournament Season!

Million’s available for Cabo area fishing tournaments

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is well known as the “Marlin Capital of the World”. And thanks to its big-money fishing tournaments – it’s also the one place that a single fish can turn you into a millionaire overnight!

Cabo’s Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament is one of the most well known fishing contests, branded the “Richest Sport Fishing Tournament in the World” – Paying out millions of dollars annually – With it’s biggest payout to a single team in 2006 for $4,165,960!

Although the basic $5000 entrée fee for Bisbee Black and Blue may deter most people, there are also quite a few other lucrative but less expensive fishing tournaments around the Cabo San Lucas area. Beginning in mid June and running through November there are some exciting tournaments that are affordable enough for the average group of friends to band together and join the party, as well as get a chance at some big payouts.

There are a few different ways to win… There is the prize money for the first, second and third place biggest fish for the overall tournament. But there are also the “daily optionals” that are additional jackpots that allow you to participate in small and/or large “side bets” that pay out each day for the different levels of buy in.

What can you win? It all depends of the number of teams in the tournament, and how many are buying into the different levels of the daily optionals…

If you’re going to take a shot at the prize money, you’ll want to make sure that first and foremost you go with the best Cabo fishing charter company. Cabo Fishing Pros is absolutely one of the best sites to find and secure one of those charter boats. Locking in an experienced captain and crew with a proven track record is the key for both increased odds at reaching the tournament podium to hoist one of those oversized paychecks, as well as for just an overall good time.

One thing to remember, Cabo is a party town – Even if you don’t come away with a six figure payday, these Cabo fishing tournaments are all well designed and executed to deliver on a fun and memorable experience. With usually 2-3 days/nights of fishing and festivities, there is a constant party right after you get off the boat from each day of fishing – with amazing food and drinks each night, great people watching, prizes for side drawings, and swag bags from multiple sponsors. Make sure to check marlin fishing off your bucket list with some added flash, and sign up for one of Cabo’s fishing tournament today!

Beautiful Roosterfish

Roosterfish – Cabo’s Most Popular Inshore Trophy Fish

Besides the well-known marlin, one of the most sought after fighting fish located in the Baja is the muscular and athletic Roosterfish. It can be targeted both from shore or by boat. Considered by some as “the Elizabeth Hurley of fishes”, this regal and beautiful fish is one that will definitely be showcased by you once you are able to pose with this beauty after an epic battle. The take is quick, with it’s rooster comb breaking the surface of the water as it attacks your lure/bait close to the surface. Once hooked, this bold and brave fish will attempt, and really may be able, to out muscle you.

DESCRIPTION: Roosterfish are well-known for their fighting ability as well as how amazingly photogenic they are. The seven comb-like dorsal fin is its signature feature, as the two dark blue stripes down its sides are a nice addition to overall style points. As part of the drums family, it has a slanting forehead and a solid, bone-like jaw. Not known for being a tasty fish, catch and release is extremely common (and encouraged), as the rooster makes for great pictures, but not so much as a meal.

ROOSTERFISH FEEDING HABITS: Roosterfish are usually found around rocky outcrops, islands, and just outside the wave line/breaks along the shore. They can be caught with flies, poppers and spinners, although they are most commonly taken on live bait.

Roosterfish is undoubtedly a predatory species, Well-known for chasing bait for long distances at times trying to herd fish towards a reef. Feeding on small fish such as sardines, mullet, and crabs. They usually fished with live bait like Lookdowns, mullet fish or rainbow runners. Roosterfish are also known to hit on flies that are aggressively stripped with quick short pulls, to entice a strike.

SIZE OF ROOSTERFISH: Most Roosterfish in Cabo San Lucas are in the range of 10-35 pounds, yet Roosterfish above 50 pounds are common, and are caught almost every month. A small number above 80 pounds are landed each season – with the world record of 114 pounds caught right here in the waters off of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

BEST MONTHS FOR CATCHING ROOSTERFISH: If you’re looking to come down and do some fishing in Cabo San Lucas with your family or buddies, know that these majestic fish can be caught all year round, but the best months are May – August, with September and October usually being the slowest months. Make sure to check out our fishing report to get an idea of what type action is happening.

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Best Cabo Fishing Locations

The Fishing Grounds That Made Cabo Famous

Known internationally for its world-class sport fishing, Cabo San Lucas unique geographic location gives both amateur and experienced fishermen an advantage few other fishing locations can match! In this article we cover some of the most productive fishing grounds that charter boats, as well as the tournament pros target to land the big one!

Hot Spots for Angling in Cabo San Lucas:

Gordo Banks

Situated five miles from Baja’s coastline, this fishing ground comprises of two divisions – the Inner and Outer Gordo Banks. It is a major fishing hub on the Eastern seashore of Cabo San Lucas, and in the entire Sea of Cortez. The Outer division of the Gordo Banks is where intense fishing activities take place. Yellowtail, Wahoo, Grouper, Pargo, and substantial numbers of Dorado, Sailfish, and Tuna.

Finger Bank

This is the ideal area for Marlin. And being located fifty miles North of Cabo – it’s a bit of an adventure getting there, but the pay offs can be huge for those fisherman the make the journey. Commonly referred as the quintessential fishery, it is a hub surrounded by shoals of Striped and Blue Marlin during early spring and winter.

1150 Bank

Situated 20 to 25 miles offshore with a combination of marine hallmarks of the Pacific Ocean plus the Sea of Cortez makes the 1150 Bank a unique fishing ground. Besides being an ideal fishing ground for Marlin and Tuna, the bank is also an ideal Cabo sport fishing zone for sharks – most commonly found is the Shortfin Mako shark (AKA Blue Pointer).

Tinaje Trough

The Tinaje Trough is a 3500 foot deep underwater canyon on the Pacific side that lies in-between two prime fishing locations – 1) the Golden Gate Bank to the North, and 2) the San Jamie Bank to the South. The Tinaje Trough is considered one of the best fishing areas for large marlin and Yellow Fin Tuna. And is often the target zone for many fisherman during some of the big yearly fishing tournaments.


Now, stop dreaming and come experience the best sport fishing in the world! And if your looking for the best Cabo San Lucas fishing charters – with the best knowledge of these areas, you need S&R Sportfishing! Call us today to set up your Cabo deep sea fishing adventure.



Best Cabo Fishing Locations