Best Cabo Fishing Locations

The Fishing Grounds That Made Cabo Famous

Known internationally for its world-class sport fishing, Cabo San Lucas unique geographic location gives both amateur and experienced fishermen an advantage few other fishing locations can match! In this article we cover some of the most productive fishing grounds that charter boats, as well as the tournament pros target to land the big one!

Hot Spots for Angling in Cabo San Lucas:

Gordo Banks

Situated five miles from Baja’s coastline, this fishing ground comprises of two divisions – the Inner and Outer Gordo Banks. It is a major fishing hub on the Eastern seashore of Cabo San Lucas, and in the entire Sea of Cortez. The Outer division of the Gordo Banks is where intense fishing activities take place. Yellowtail, Wahoo, Grouper, Pargo, and substantial numbers of Dorado, Sailfish, and Tuna.

Finger Bank

This is the ideal area for Marlin. And being located fifty miles North of Cabo – it’s a bit of an adventure getting there, but the pay offs can be huge for those fisherman the make the journey. Commonly referred as the quintessential fishery, it is a hub surrounded by shoals of Striped and Blue Marlin during early spring and winter.

1150 Bank

Situated 20 to 25 miles offshore with a combination of marine hallmarks of the Pacific Ocean plus the Sea of Cortez makes the 1150 Bank a unique fishing ground. Besides being an ideal fishing ground for Marlin and Tuna, the bank is also an ideal Cabo sport fishing zone for sharks – most commonly found is the Shortfin Mako shark (AKA Blue Pointer).

Tinaje Trough

The Tinaje Trough is a 3500 foot deep underwater canyon on the Pacific side that lies in-between two prime fishing locations – 1) the Golden Gate Bank to the North, and 2) the San Jamie Bank to the South. The Tinaje Trough is considered one of the best fishing areas for large marlin and Yellow Fin Tuna. And is often the target zone for many fisherman during some of the big yearly fishing tournaments.


Now, stop dreaming and come experience the best sport fishing in the world! And if your looking for the best Cabo San Lucas fishing charters – with the best knowledge of these areas, you need S&R Sportfishing! Call us today to set up your Cabo deep sea fishing adventure.



Best Cabo Fishing Locations